Periodontology as independent branch exists since 1974 year in the Serbian dentistry. Through the years it continued evolution where in in 1977 the postgraduate education/specialization started as an independent, but as triple issue together with dental and oral pathology.

The year of 1996 the triple specialization was divided in three separate specializations and where specialization of Periodontology and Oral medicine has become. Simultaneously with development of Periodontology as independent specialization, the society of periodontology was developing.

From 1977 until 1996 the society was represented as Society for Dental and Oral pathology and Periodontology as one united body, after that the year of 1997 the Periodontal Section of the Serbian Medical Society was registered and finally in 2002 Yugoslavian Periodontal Society was founded.

In December 2003 Society has become associated member of EFP, and in 2007 it changed the name into Serbian Society of Periodontology. Finally, in March 2012 Serbian Society became full member of EFP.

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